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Connected Real Estate Methodology

A unique approach to designing effective intelligent building solutions.

Convergentz addresses each connected real estate project according to its proven method – Envision, Connect, Optimize, and Sustain. Using the ECOS methodology, we utilize a customized approach to ensure the best possible building solutions are implemented for each connected real estate project.


Understand your building and business demands and expectations. Identify possible solutions around your requirements, then evaluate them for efficiency, serviceability, reliability, and cost reduction. Continually collaborate with your team - owners, managers, contractors, and consultants. Develop short and long-term goals and create a roadmap to achieve your desired results. Envision the solution’s lifecycle and businesses’ potential future requirements and establish the platform for adaptation; scalability that provides savings for tomorrow.


Conduct a comprehensive building analysis and determine what solution best fits your requirements and addresses all constraints. Connecting the building with the business and enabling the solution to be a catalyst for profitability. Develop the solution around your needs; we don’t just push a single product line! As master systems integrators, we manage and synchronize all trades, delivering real system collaboration to the project.


Provide you with training and custom support at your request. Continue collaboration with all key stakeholders and skills; effectively sharing information. Deliver the solution using the most current and relevant products and practices. Assist you in experiencing immediate operational savings.


Protect the business and building through service that returns value. Break away from the traditional proprietary systems and maintain the competitive advantage with an evolving solution. Continue to realize operational savings with user-friendly energy efficient solutions; reducing training time, energy consumption, and service requirements. Proactively support the solution and ensure you get the most utility out of your investment.

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