About Us

Solving Customer Challenges Through Customized Intelligent Building Technology Solutions


Our mission at Convergentz is to be the dependable and trusted option for advanced building automation integration and connected real estate solutions. This commitment has established us as an industry leader. Convergentz operates as a subsidiary of The Hunton Group, a prominent HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) company with five locations across Houston, TX, further reinforcing our position in the field.

Intelligent Buildings

We specialize in custom intelligent building solutions, leveraging advanced technologies to optimize performance. Our expertise covers building management systems, controlling and monitoring assorted services like security, HVAC, and energy management for enhanced efficiency and occupant comfort.

Connected Real Estate Methodology

Through our ECOS (Envision, Connect, Optimize, and Sustain) methodology, we envision, connect, optimize, and sustain solutions tailored to each project’s demands. We collaborate closely with stakeholders, ensuring efficient, scalable solutions that deliver immediate operational savings and long-term value.


Understand your building and business needs, identify solutions, and collaborate with your team to create short and long-term goals. Envision the solution's lifecycle and establish adaptable, scalable platforms for future savings.


Conduct a thorough building analysis to determine the best solution that aligns with your requirements and constraints. Develop solutions tailored to your needs, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. As master systems integrators, we synchronize all trades for real system collaboration.


Provide training and support as needed, ensuring collaboration among key stakeholders. Deliver solutions using the latest products and practices, facilitating immediate operational savings.


Protect your business and building with value-driven service. Embrace evolving solutions, reducing energy consumption and training time while maximizing utility from your investment.

New Buildings

For new constructions, we provide master systems integration consulting services, guiding clients through project development, financial analysis, and system optimization to ensure fully optimized buildings from day one.

Building Retrofit

We offer comprehensive modernization solutions and maintenance services for existing buildings, focusing on sustainability, cost reduction, and increased adaptability.


Integrated systems optimize functionality and performance, enhancing efficiency and safety. Through automation and monitoring, these buildings create a cost-efficient environment.

Types of Systems:

Assets Houston
Building Management Systems

Control and monitor HVAC, lighting, power, and security systems, enhancing efficiency and safety for tenants and owners.

Convergentz Intelligent Building Systems
Energy Management Systems

Reduce energy consumption by controlling lighting and HVAC, providing cost-saving metering and measurement solutions.

Intellegent Buildings
Technology Management Systems

Integrate various technologies into a common IP, simplifying capital and operating expenditures for businesses.