Fire and Life Safety

Convergentz operates around the clock, seven days a week, delivering top-tier fire protection services to safeguard lives and assets.

For service inquiries, please dial: 713-SAFETY1 (713-723-3891)

The proficient installation, upkeep, and servicing of a fire protection system are paramount in preserving lives and assets. At Convergentz, we offer service solutions to ensure your Fire and Life Safety System operates reliably, providing peace of mind. Our team of Licensed Service Technicians is dedicated to ensuring that your fire alarm system functions flawlessly when called upon. Why not entrust your safety to a service provider with extensive experience, a deep commitment to Fire and Life Safety, and a genuine interest in assisting you in minimizing operating costs? Additionally, we provide various financing options for system replacements, aiding you in managing capital expenditure effectively.

Here are some of the Fire and Life Safety services we currently provide:

Autocall Panels
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It is imperative that all services, maintenance, and inspections of Fire Alarm Systems be conducted by licensed professionals. Convergentz invests in innovative technology, tools, and testing equipment to expedite service and installation processes. Our fire technicians conduct annual servicing of your fire extinguishers to ensure your protection against potential fire hazards. 

Our commitment to safety, combined with our extensive experience, expertise, and renowned customer service, underpins our performance, and helps us achieve our mission: To deliver exceptional value through top-quality fire protection services aimed at safeguarding lives and assets.

Convergentz proudly serves as an authorized sales representative for:

For all Fire and Life Safety service inquiries, please dial: 713-SAFETY1 (713-723-3891).