Integrated Technology Solutions

Our approach ensures the comprehensive integration of all building operations into a single, secure IP network backbone.

As a leading Master Systems Integrator, Convergentz collaborates closely with building managers and owners, offering solutions ranging from standalone system installations to upgrading legacy systems to more intricate scenarios. We specialize in integrating diverse building management systems across a unified IP network, emphasizing our commitment to open systems and seamless integration. Our innovative solutions encompass HVAC, mechanical, lighting, security, fire, and other building systems. 

The Connected Real Estate Methodology achieves complete integration of building functions within a singular network backbone. This pioneering approach not only yields utility cost savings but also enhances operational efficiency for building stakeholders, including owners, managers, engineers, and tenants. Our integrated technology solutions not only cater to individual buildings but also facilitate portfolio-wide integration.

Key building integrated technology solution functions supported by this backbone include, but are not limited to:

Each function seamlessly integrates into an open, non-proprietary system, allowing for real-time monitoring, control, and analytics accessible from anywhere, at any time.