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Benefits to Building Owners

Putting the entire building in the hands of the owner with intelligent technology.

Intelligent technology puts the entire building in the hands of the owner through realtime information. It also offers developers and owners the opportunity to simultaneously create better work conditions and increase their property value.

Building energy management and reduction of operating costs

Intelligent buildings integrate technologies that yield energy efficiency through automated controls that regulate water, gas, and electricity usage. These systems utilize sensors that collect data and allow owners to monitor and manage energy usage, and therefore, reduce operating costs.

Fault detection and automatic notifications alarms

Automatic notifications, in the form of texts or emails, regarding building operations can be sent out to maintenance and facility staff for immediate attention. Notification recipients can be customized by specific system occurrences such as over consumption, dysfunction, etc. A fault detection program can be implemented utilizing a "big data" analysis of systems to determine performance or maintenance issues prior to the problems being detected by the tenants.

New tenant services

Additional tenant services can include communications services, such as wired and wireless high speed Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), after hours HVAC services, special security services, digital signage, and more. For example, tenants who need to use the building outside of working hours can request overtime air services. These types of service requests can be submitted online to building systems that can also automatically generate invoices.

Improved security

Intelligent buildings can be safer places to own and occupy with integrated security systems that communicate with one another while monitoring security door locks, video feeds, and fire alarms. Automated alerts can be sent out in the event of suspicious activity such as unauthorized accessed to certain areas of the building. Security cameras focused in on incidents, doors can be locked from a remote location, and building access can monitored. Improved security features help building management to ensure their investment and tenants are safe.

Property portfolio and enterprise solutions

Intelligent technology gives you the ability to manage a portfolio of building performance in multiple geographic locations. With connected real estate, property managers who own multiple buildings in multiple cities can view data from all buildings and compare - giving them insight into the entire portfolio of buildings. The systems have a consistent web-based interface so training of staff to operate the buildings within the portfolio is lessened as the systems user interfaces all behave in a similar fashion.

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