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Benefits to tenants

A responsive environment that offers comfort, convenience, and flexibility in the workplace.

Intelligent technology allows businesses to have more control over their office environment, making it a more comfortable and productive place to work. It also simplifies their relationship with building management with automated requests, realtime information, and instant communication.

Improved IAQ and comfort

IAQ monitoring and management processes provide more effective ventilation for buildings and healthier environment for tenants through HVAC systems that address issues like temperature and humidity, ventilation, mold, and bacteria. Building-wide sensors detect and regulate the air for reticulation, proper air cleaning, contaminant source management, and humidity control and ventilation.

Automated comfort requests

Self-service access to facilities management tools offers tenants the utmost convenience. Tenants have the ability to contact building maintenance or submit automated comfort requests online through a variety of devices for automated temperature change. IAQ sensors also feed into building automation systems ensuring that air turns on and off as needed.

Instantaneous data sharing (plug and play)

Tenants can avoid the hassle managing the server room themselves as data storage servers can be placed throughout the building to meet their data storage needs. Once plugged into the system backbone, data is secured, monitored, and managed for tenant convenience.

Lower operational costs

Energy management systems can make office environment more efficient and lower utility bills for tenants with net lease agreements. With the ability to monitor and manage their water, electricity, and gas usage, tenants can control their energy expenditures, a cost-saving incentive that can impact their long-term leasing decisions.

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