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ROI of intelligent buildings

Intelligent building technologies worthy of your investment.

Designing or upgrading a building to integrate intelligent technologies can provide building owners with a solid return on investment. Not only does intelligent building technology require little additional upfront capital expenditure, but intelligent buildings can pay for themselves within the first couple of years due to energy savings and other operational efficiency. This type of investment yields attractive ROI rates that appeal to any building owner.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Intelligent buildings integrate technologies that build energy efficiency, such as lighting and HVAC control systems. Automated HVAC systems ensure that heating and cooling are only produced when the user requires a comfortable room climate. Automatic lighting systems utilize motion sensors to ensure that lights are activated only when an area is occupied. Through automation and detection, these technologies ensure that energy is only used when required, reducing energy consumption by turning off unneeded systems. Systems also have the ability to measure and report emissions, enabling owners to monitor and feed building emissions data to benchmarking organizations, therefore, improving their corporate social responsibility profile.

Reduced Operational and Maintenance Costs

Intelligent buildings cost less to operate than those operating on legacy building management systems, as control systems can significantly reduce water, gas, and electricity usage. Energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems contain sensors that react to changes in the environment ensuring that electricity and gas are only used when necessary. Intelligent technologies can also help control water provision and consumption though monitoring systems that can help detect leaks and excessive usage. Intelligent buildings also save on maintenance costs. Intelligent building systems and data analytics can be combined with facilities management to detect building issues before equipment failures giving management the chance to resolve them before capital expenditures ensue.

Enhanced Marketability

Integrating intelligent technologies can increase the marketability of your real estate. An improvement in technology and sustainability makes a building more desirable to tenants, as more of them are coming to expect features like state-of-the-art HVAC, advanced security systems, demand response, and integrated audio visual systems and IT technologies. With more to offer tenants, owners can warrant higher rent, increase occupancy rates, and improve their competitive advantage. Tenant satisfaction results in better lease-up times and renewal rates, and reduces vacancy rates and churn.

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