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Taking Building Intelligence to New Heights

- Tuesday, May 24, 2016

 Understanding how your building is performing will bring even more value to your tenants.

Within the George R. Brown Convention Center, located in downtown Houston, Texas, Convergentz replaced and optimized HVAC control system, replaced pneumatic valves, optimized chiller and tower systems, and provided and installed new Layer 3 Ethernet switching. There were more than 400 pneumatic valves that were changed out to DDC and 20 VFDs were installed on OAHUs in effort to make the building operate more efficiently. All the work was executed and completed in a manner that provided no interruption to the convention center’s daily operations and venues. Over 1,115,000 square feet of space was serviced by the BAS retrofit and is on pace to pay for itself in less than four years. The entire convention center is now fully automated with a non-proprietary open. The next step in this partnership is providing Houston First with the ability to monitor, control, and apply instantaneous decision making for multiple facilities under one web portal.
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