Freeport LNG, Quintana, TX

New Construction

New industrial construction at the Freeport LNG industrial site in Quintana, TX.

12 New buildings being built inside of the industrial site. 7 at the Liquefication site, 5 at the Pre-Treatment Facility. Across the 12 buildings are 55 Split Air Handling units. Custom built at Energy Labs. Controls were installed on them onsite. Each AHU having its own Sequence of Operations being custom made for the systems and building it resides and feeds. 109 Fan Powered Boxes across the 12 buildings. 88 exhaust fan systems throughout the 12 buildings that exhausted air in a wide range of uses. Battery Backup rooms, electrical distribution rooms, and chemical containment rooms. All installation is done in Nema4X ratings for blast proof and fire proof. All fire smoke dampers open and close status’s being monitored through the new BAS system being provided, with a total of 210 dampers to be monitored. Custom sequences for air transfer during different scenarios between walls within the buildings depending on the temperature, humidity of CO levels in rooms. Utilizing Honeywell Spyder controllers, JACE’s for the building administrators with N4. Each building being put onto the owner’s network so each building can be placed on the owner’s front end for monitoring.

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General Contractor:Superior Building Systems
MEP Engineer:CB&I