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Octapharma Plasma Clinic, Pasadena, TX


Octapharma is a company that creates plasma-based therapies and medicines.  They source their plasma from their own specialty donor clinics.  This Pasadena location is the newest Octapharma plasma collection center of approximately 80 in the USA.  Accurate and reliable control is paramount in such a facility, where plasma is collected from donors, processed, and refrigerated/stored all on site.  The system of 11 DX Air Handling Units and Exhaust Fans serving donation areas, and a Mini-Split system for an IDF room, was all controlled by wireless Trane AirFi, and a Tracer Concierge tablet for building operation. 

Convergentz completed this project in partnership with Buuanh A/C, and Metro Construction as general contractor. 

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