10 Best Innovative Technology Solution Providers of 2020

Convergentz was born out of a need for Building System Integration Solutions and Internet Protocol (IP) based control systems. As early as 2005, Hunton Services started to notice that Chief Engineers were, increasingly, losing control of their facilities. What they also observed was a (Competitors and Customers) Customers wanted to move their control platforms into the IP World. After getting tired of losing projects to small “Open” control shops in town, they had to find a way to compete using IP technology. “As this was a new direction in the market, away from the portfolio of control product technology that we had within the Hunton Group at that time, we created Convergentz,” says Richard Hunton, Jr., the CEO of The Hunton Group, the founder and president of Convergentz. He has always been a true visionary and instilled the same vision in the company. Convergentz was ahead of the Internet of Things (IoT), starting when it was just a buzz word. “What we had envisioned simply wasn’t possible with the Systems and Sensors we had to work with, at the time, despite all the articles and marketing materials we read,” adds Richard. “So, we focused on what we could do, HVAC, Security, and Systems Integration, and concentrated on delivering dependable and economical open systems and building system integrations.” Now, ten years later, IoT technology has caught up with the earlier vision allowing the Convergentz team to design even smarter buildings…

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