Convergentz Partners With Building Stakeholders To Increase Property Value And Tenant Occupancy

HOUSTON, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Convergentz, an advanced building automation integration company, enables building owners and developers to take full advantage of their smart building by integrating technologies that allows for real time information. Once systems are tied together through automated controls; water, gas and electricity usage is optimized for top energy efficiency. Owners can then start to monitor and manage usage which leads to reduction in operation costs and increased value.

A few recent projects that highlight this capability includes Bank of America tower in downtown Houston, George R. Brown convention center, the Fulbright Tower and Pennzoil Place also located in Houston, TX. Convergentz worked closely with each of these clients to provide real-time benefits and an attractive ROI to meet the clients’ specific goals.

Fulbright Tower showed a ROI of up to $250K a year of energy savings by upgrading their building automation system. At Pennzoil Place, Convergentz upgraded the entire property using their Connected Real Estate Model, as well as future proofed their integrated system to last for the next 30 years. By doing so, this put Pennzoil at the top of the list for smart buildings in Houston. Pennzoil Place was also recognized as one of Houston’s top 5 Highest Commercial appraisal increase between 2009 and 2015 as well as being awarded the “Most Intelligent Office Building” by IBcon for cutting energy costs by more than 50%.

“We have the ability to take an existing building with all the different management systems and integrate them through IP to provide a single operating system. Ultimately by doing this the client (for example for Pennzoil it was Transwestern) can then reach their goal in obtaining and attracting more tenants. By upgrading all the systems and technology space the tenants then have the infrastructure already in place that reduces their operating costs. Pennzoil is a prime example of how we partner with our customers to reach their individual goals and increase property value.”  -Klint Nunn, VP and General Manager of Convergentz

About Convergentz
Convergentz integrates IT and traditional building system functions to increase real estate value and establish market differentiation for stakeholders. Convergentz is a subsidiary of The Hunton Group, a leading company in HVAC with five locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.