Convergentz Provides Top Building Integration Strategies For Campus Solutions

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HOUSTON, Oct. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Convergentz, an advanced building automation integration company, continually provides solutions to campuses looking to upgrade and integrate new and existing control systems in order to create long term savings and increased interoperability for building efficiencies.
A few recent projects that highlight this capability include the University of Houston, The US Coast Guard Training Center, FMC’s headquarters in Houston, and Halliburton’s headquarters campus also located in Houston, TX. Convergentz worked closely with each of these clients to provide real-time benefits and an attractive ROI to meet the clients’ specific goals.
For example, the control renovation project at the US Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma, CA included multiple manufacturing systems and was upgraded to meet the requirements of the Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) that the government requires. Convergentz’s team also integrated the major system components such as the HVAC controls and alarming, lighting, energy consumption and interconnectivity. Convergentz put in place a state-of-the-art communications system at the campus center that included a web-based user interface as well as an on-site kiosk to showcase system performance.  The US Coast Guard Training Center is a prime example of how Convergentz can provide a platform independent solution.
“We have the ability to take a campus with disparate type systems and then integrate these systems via IP to create a common control system environment. Ultimately by doing this the client will achieve lower cost of operations, increase operational efficiencies and we create a sustainable solution that is long term. We have then given the client an open source platform allowing them to manage their own system.” -Klint Nunn, VP and General Manager of Convergentz

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About Convergentz
Convergentz integrates IT and traditional building system functions to increase real estate value and establish market differentiation for stakeholders. Convergentz assists with design and construction as required to achieve the highest level of personal and business goals. Convergentz is a subsidiary of The Hunton Group, a leading company in HVAC with five locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

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Photo Source: FMC Generation Park – Website