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Our Technology

A Master Systems Integrator providing building management solutions.

As a Master Systems Integrator, Convergentz works with stakeholders, design firms, and contractors as required providing stand alone new system installations or legacy upgrades to more complex scenarios integrating disparate building management systems over a common IP network. Our Solution Engineers take a comprehensive approach when meeting with potential clients by conducting a thorough discovery of each client’s unique needs.

Connected Real Estate Solutions

As a registered Cisco Partner, Convergentz offers comprehensive Cisco Connected Real Estate (CRE) solutions including financing solutions through Cisco Capital. By Converging disparate systems over a single building information network, the Cisco Connected Real Estate solution offers stakeholders proven benefits that will help transform their organization, improve business processes, and enhance real estate value. Each vertical market, be it office building or residential, can uniquely realize the benefits of convergence of the Cisco Connected Real Estate framework, which provides the tools and a roadmap for future success.

Convergentz takes a “brand agnostic” approach when offering building automation control solutions to our clients. Realizing that each client has unique requirements concerning Open Systems, Interoperability, and System Performance, Convergentz provides solutions that best fit each client’s specific application.

Integrated Comfort Systems

As Trane’s OEM representative for Southeast Texas, Convergentz provides Trane factory Integrated Comfort Solutions, Single Source Simplicity. An Integrated Comfort™ System (ICS) combines Trane HVAC equipment with factory integrated unit controls, sensors and end devices, together with an “open” architecture building automation system. With ICS, every piece of Trane equipment from the biggest chiller to the smallest VAV box is available with fully commissioned, factory-integrated unit controllers. Overall, owning a Trane ICS is easier because:

  • The components are manufactured, installed, warranted and serviced by a single source.
  • Equipment startup is expedited which enables the building to “dry out” as soon as the units are piped in and powered up.

Access Controls & Video Surveillance

Convergentz provides and installs stand alone or integrated access controls and video surveillance solutions to our clients. By integrating traditional disparate building systems, we can now deploy smarter system strategies that allow your systems to leverage shared resources and react accordingly.

Energy Management Solutions

HVAC equipment and Lighting are typically the two largest energy consumers in a building. Recognizing this, Convergentz provides energy and financial analysis for clients seeking to improve their building efficiency and lower energy and operating costs. Convergentz offers various energy conservation measures through building automation system optimization strategies, recommissioning systems, automating systems, and/or upgrading systems.

LEED Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Measurement and verification (M&V) involves recording actual energy use over the course of occupancy, and comparing that data with the estimated energy use seen in the design. The M&V process ensures all systems are performing as specified and identifies any anomalies in equipment, operations procedures or user habits. In addition, an M&V plan can help reduce energy costs, assist with commissioning, and, over time, document and improve the efficiencies of energy conservation measures. M&V gives you a plan and a system to compare your project’s actual performance against design predictions.

Convergentz offers these advanced metering reports (LEED M&V) through our web-based building automation system. This system can operate as a standalone system or it can be integrated to your building automation system regardless of whose system is in your building.

Lighting Control Solutions

Convergentz offers stand alone and interoperable lighting control solutions to our clients for both existing and new buildings. With systems integration you’re able to share resources and minimize infrastructure costs allowing for smarter building management and lighting control strategies. Convergentz provides energy and financial analysis for clients seeking to implement smart lighting control strategies.

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